Yippee Ki Yay Namaste

IMG_5353 copy

Want to build your positive mind?

Feel bright in every which way?

Breathe in BIG and stretch real wiiiiiiiiide

Exhale a Yippee Ki Yay!

IMG_5400 copy 2


To activate Positive Mind

Release worries that stick like glue

Mooooove inside your rib cage

Let out a Yabba Dabba Doo!

IMG_5378 copy 3

The negative mind is protective

fearing, “it’s just not possible”,

The positive mind takes risks

Makes the impossible, possible

IMG_5378 copy 2

Go from Negative Mind clenching

IMG_5364 copy

To stomping…

IMG_5387 copy


To Jumping…

IMG_5395 copy 2

To Laughing…

IMG_5405 copy

To  quite Positive consequencing

IMG_5356 copy 3


Let’s head toward the Neutral Mind

~the balance that hears both sides

Make choices from a centered space.

So our Trust gets… Magnified!

IMG_5373 copy 2

Positive mind is calm, contained

and inspires expansion and boldness,

We don’t get rid of the Negative Mind,

It protect us from dangers, like coldness..

IMG_5421 copy


   May we brighten ourselves  from the inside

So we easily Yippee Ki Yay

May we see each other’s goodness

Namaste Namaste Namaste

IMG_5373 copy



Sat Nam

Thank you Yogi Bhajan for the teachings

Jenni Miller for the Yippee Ki Yay when I really needed it

and Rachel Schattle for capturing the children’s radiance



Yoga By Letter: Z


In Z Out Z

Yoga with the Z

Zing, Zealous, Zest

In Z In


In Z Out Z

Yoga with the Z

Zonked in, Zonked out, Zero

Out Z Out


In Z In

Yoga with the Z

Zippy, Zany, Zero

In Z In


May Zillions of children Zigzag their way into the Zone.

7 year old Lillian, almost certified Grounded Kid, created this visualization to help you zzzzzzz….





Yoga By Letter: X


In X Out X

Yoga with the X

X-pand, X-plore, X-tend

In X In


In X Out X

Yoga with the X

X-clusive, X-plosive, X-hausted,

Out X Out


In X Out X

Yoga with the X

X-traordinary, Xpressive, X-hales

In X In



May All Children X-plore the X-uberant X-periences of X-haling…

Sat Nam





Yoga By Letter: W

In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wild, Wisdom, Warriors

In W In


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Weak, Wasted, Whining

Out W Out


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Weave, We, Worth

In W In


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wishy-Washy, Whimpering, Worries

Out W Out


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wacky, Waking, Wonder

In W In

We Welcome the Wisdom of the Warriors!

May all children Witness their Worthiness with Wild Wonderment and may We all

Go for the WOW (and not the Ow)…

Sat Nam




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