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Refine Your Teaching through the Elements ON-LINE TRAINING.

Working at your own pace through expertly crafted videos and engaging written tutorials with personalized feedback every step of the way makes this training a perfect choice for those craving flexibility and individual mentoring.

This Comprehensive On-Line Training will prepare you to skillfully teach Grounded yoga to children. During this online training course, you will work at your own pace through seven modules, each with eleven units. You will be required to respond to each unit either with a written entry or short quiz. Your online mentor will guide your progress with thoughtful replies to your answers. The modules each contain enlightening introduction videos, engaging teaching tutorial videos and carefully crafted written lessons to ensure your understanding of Grounded Teaching Practices, Poses, Techniques and more so that you may plan and teach meaningful and fun yoga classes.

Course Overview:

  1. Elements of Lesson Plan
  2. Space Element – Create Themes that Inspire & Motivate
  3. Earth Element – Grounded’s Essential Alignment Actions
  4. Water Element – Effective Sequencing & Smooth Transitioning
  5. Fire Element – Best Teaching Practices
  6. Air Element – Connections with Stories, Art, Music & more
  7. Lesson Plan in Action – Teach, Reflect & Refine

On-line mentoring includes the following:

  1. Understanding the qualities and characteristics of the five universal elements within yourself and how they apply to teaching children
  2. Experience the 84 Grounded poses through the lens of the elements
  3. A reflective journey on how to personalize your Grounded lessons, making them authentic to you and powerful for your students.
  4. Feedback on each submitted assignment through a grade, visual tracker and personal narrative response.
  5. How to work with the elements to inspire student’s personal experiences
  6. Create themes that inspire and motivate
  7. Grounded’s essential alignment actions
  8. Effective sequencing and smooth transitioning
  9. Connections with stories, art, music and more
  10. The elements of a lesson plan in action – teach, reflect and refine
  11. How to polish your teaching practices to become an effective dynamic teacher 

Investment: $449. Contact for more information.

Included Grounded Materials:

  • Video clips of Grounded Co-Founders sharing in-depth principles and practices of teaching children
  • Video clips us teaching students in yoga clubs and classes exactly what you are being asked to teach.
  • Practicum allowing you to connect deeper with your learning, preparation and authentic teaching style
  • Mini Grounded Pose Cards to download

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