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Module 3: Evolve into Teaching Special Needs & Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Button 3In this module you will evolve by cultivating the specialized skill set necessary to teach yoga to children who have special needs and the rapidly expanding population needing trauma sensitive yoga.  This training provides 24 contact hours towards becoming a Yoga Alliance certified Children’s Yoga Instructor. 
This 24-hour training includes the following:
  1. Introduction to yoga for children with special needs
  2. Skills to assess and effectively respond to the individual child and support their growth through group and personalized yoga classes
  3. Explore appropriate yoga lesson plans for children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other special needs
  4. Practical teaching experience with children who have special needs
  5. Trauma Sensitive yoga training for youth based on up to date research and experience in the field
  6. User friendly information about PTSD and Neurological changes that occur from trauma, chronic pain and recurrent stress
  7. Experience a trauma sensitive yoga class with parenthetical teaching
  8. Introspection and conversations to inspire best practices when teaching yoga to special populations
  9. An overview of techniques such as Tapping, Entrainment and Sound Therapy that may compliment and enhance your work with special populations
  10. Discuss teaching opportunities and common scenarios including potential behavioral challenges and strategies for dealing with them
  11. Identify and strategize your next steps in this work

Materials Provided: Course Manual (pdf)

Other Suggested Materials: Mini Pose Cards, Pose Chips, Small Poster

Tuition: $499 (or $449 with early-bird discount)

For schedules and registration click here

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