Yoga By Letter: S


In S Out S

Yoga with the S

Silly, Smiley, Spirally

In S In


In S Out S

Yoga with the S

Sneaky, Snobby, Spiteful

Out S Out


In S Out S

Yoga with the S

Serene, Spacious, Sincere

In S In

In S Out S

Yoga with the S

Stiff, Stuck, Strain

Out S Out

Jack, third grader says Secret is both in and out.

Zoe, first grader, added that Safe is as well. She says we don’t want to always play it safe out of fear to take risks and be free, but to still be, you know, Safe.


May all children Steep~

in the Sonorous Sound of Silence

 Sublime Serendipity

 Strength in Softening

Stable Stretches

 Seeing all Sides of Self

in Sacred Stillness

and Spontaneous Silliness

 Sat Nam

Sincere thank you to Glinda for teaching this stellar sequence as part of certification.

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