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Yoga by Letters: G


In G Out G
Yoga with the G
Grounded, Groovy, Grateful
In G In


In G Out G
Yoga with the G
Grabbing, Grudges, Grievances
Out G Out


In G Out G
Yoga with the G
Giving, Glowing, Giggles
In G In


In G Out G
Yoga with the G
Grumpy, Gloomy, Grievances
Out G Out


Groovy Grounded Kids added:

Grow, Gaze, Glamorous, Globe, Greet, Guide, Go, Gateway, Ganesha, Glistening, Guru, Good, Gracious, Genius, Generous, Grand, Giraffe’s neck, Green, Gem, Gym, Glitter, Grace, Glad, Gorgeous, Goal
Gunk, Grey, Grim, Gullible, Gossip, Godzilla, Gag, Grumbles, Gassy

And Lola, 5th grade Certified Grounded Kid said, “Gravitate is out since I don’t always want to be stuck to the ground.”

May yoga help us to not gravitate toward that which doesn’t serve us and instead, to what does.

And of course, to be grateful for the glow within ourselves and the glow we gaze toward in others.

Sat Nam



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