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Generosity, Clarity and Unconventional Wisdom are our core values.

Grounded is based on the core belief that yoga will have a profound and positive effect on all ages. From our foundation as professional educators we have embraced the principles of yoga to create a program that enables instructors, school teachers, and especially children, to GROUND themselves and others through yoga, laughter, and elevation.

 Ultimate Ground is not something that must be discovered; rather it is a state that must be uncovered. It is what we find within ourselves when we get past the bundle of habits or stresses, that have kept us from knowing it.

Grounded is awareness of myself in the world, and aware of my habitual reactivity in the world; and when I find myself being drawn into annoyance or anger, anxiety or fear, guilt or shame, I will feel the feelings that arise, but I will step out of the thinking that the feelings trigger in me. I will become present to the stillness within myself, beneath all these thoughts and feelings, and I will see if perhaps I can recognize some evidence of that stillness in the world and the people around me.

Our Team

Cheryl Crawford

Partner & Co-Founder. ERYT-500, RCYT, B.S.ED, Yoga Teacher.

I am grounded in compassion and elevated in absurdity, and am dedicated to connecting children to the power of a seriously playful yoga practice. Working in schools and playing with words, I discovered that students were far more connected to their daily lessons when they felt not only heard, but understood. Seen. Connected. Grounded.  Read Cheryl's full bio here.

Amy Haysman

Partner & Co-Founder. E-RYT, RCYT, M.ED., Yoga Teacher

My desire to validate and nurture the innate goodness, unique potential and emotional intelligence of a child, no matter what, sparked the creation of Grounded Kids Yoga and fuels my dedication to teaching, supporting and empowering Grounded Teachers during training and beyond. I value clarity, creativity, collaboration and continual evolution. Read Amy's full bio here.

Bruce Crawford

Managing Partner and "Director of All Things Complicated"

With a mindful eye on the business operations aspect, his main focus is to remove obstacles, solve problems, and handle all things complicated so that Amy, Cheryl, and the rest of the Grounded community have more time to “Ground” kids and teens. In this capacity he is responsible for financial reporting, IT infrastructure, web design and operations, e-commerce initiatives, product management, and organizational efficiency.

Sedef Dion

Grounded Trainer. E-RYT, RCYT, Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of Pre-Grounded

Sedef is an E-RYT 200, RCYT and co-creator of Pre-Grounded Yoga for ages 3-6. She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching since 1999. She completed her 200 hour RYT in Hatha yoga at Peachtree Yoga Center and since earned Kundalini Yoga certification under the guidance of her teacher Mukta Kaur Khalsa  studying Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.  

Lee Darling

Grounded Trainer. ERYT-200, RPYT, RCYT

Lee began her teaching career in 2007 when she when she combined her love for children, music, and movement.  She is inspired to teach children to learn through a multitude of activities that include yoga and mindfulness.  

Heather Koz

Grounded Trainer. EYRT-200, RCYT, RPYT

Heather has been sharing her love for fitness and wellness with children since the birth of her second daughter in 2007.  A Certified Personal Trainer, Children’s Fitness Specialist, and Certified Grounded Teacher, she believes that an integrated and joyful pursuit of health is the key to a child’s happiness, positive self esteem, and promise for a long life full of possibility.  

Felicia Holtz

Grounded Trainer. MSED

Felicia began teaching a group of Special Needs kids while in High School and remembered this joy as her career calling.  Felicia has led after school yoga clubs, kids/teens studio yoga classes and professional development workshops for educators, taught for the Newark Yoga Movement and is now employed as the Faculty Yoga Instructor at The Quaker School in Horsham PA.  Her passion for teaching others these brilliant and effective grounding and elevating techniques comes from a deep heartfelt desire for all beings to live with joy, embrace the core of their unique gifts and potential.

Dylan Laakmann

Pose Illustrator

We are so proud and so amazed by the artistic contributions from one of our very own grounded teens. At the age of thirteen, Dylan beautifully captured and illustrated the grounded poses that are an integral part of our program.  Dylan is now 21, living in Germany and designing!  He appreciates how we gave him complete artist rights and trusted his vision completely. 💚 We feel so lucky to know such a creative warrior.

Kelley Sue Hardin

Certified Grounded Teacher & Photographer

She discovered her passion for yoga as a teen. She says that yoga found her at a time in her life when she was seeking balance and peace. If Kelley Sue is not on her mat, she is homeschooling, photographing or creating works of art. While practicing yoga at home, her youngest child requested a yoga mat. She then knew yoga needed to not only be a part of her lifestyle, but her children’s as well.

Ruth Meagher

Grounded Trainer. RYT-500, RCYT, B.A.Ed., Yoga Teacher.

Ruth studied Education in the U.K. and was a classroom teacher for 6 years. After moving to the US in 2006 she developed connection and community through her love of art, yoga and teaching. Ruth now combines these passions to create a safe and secure place where children can empower themselves with their actions, become more confident and connected, and elevate their sense of who they are in this world.

BobbiJo Ringe

Grounded Trainer

BobbiJo started her Yoga practice in college when she was studying to become a physical therapist.   Yoga was a constant as she moved through the transitions in her life: marriage, career, and children. She was compelled to share the benefits of Yoga with everyone and started with her family.  She noticed that kids have such a thirst for knowledge and soak up all that is around them.  Bringing them the tools of yoga could help them in a profound way.  As children grow in their bodies, minds and in their social interactions, they could learn how to be present with what is happening in the moment.  

After completing her 200hr yoga certification she then became certified through Grounded Kids Yoga and has been teaching kids since 2013.

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