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What People Are Saying About Grounded


This training blew me away with its authenticity and depth of content! I was impressed by the solid foundation of yogic philosophy and the seamless integration of traditional yogic practice into an accessible and thorough curriculum for kids.

~ Mary Johnson, Grounded Trainee

Hi, Amy! I just wanted you to know how fabulous Lee Darling and Heather Koz are. You have such wonderful Grounded advocates and enthusiasts in Charlotte! I took their Module One workshop in October and recently took Module Two a couple of weeks ago. Their enthusiasm, empathy, and energy is inspiring and contagious, and I consider them friends whom I can call on whenever I have a concern or question.

Each time I have left their workshops to drive four hours back to Lexington, VA, I have been re-invigorated and re-inspired. As an educator for over 20 years, I have been to more than my share of workshops and seminars, and theirs have been above and beyond what I would expect. Thank you for providing this for us in Charlotte. It is challenging enough for me to drive 4 hours to get there; Atlanta would be next to impossible. So I appreciate it!
I look forward to taking the Module Three workshop, either in Atlanta or Charlotte, and to meeting you one of these days. Thank you for your wisdom, creativity, and calling that has led to so many of us being able to share yoga with so many kiddos. I have loved teaching yoga in our little town of Lexington and to making a difference in so many lives there already.
~ Amy Jarrett, Educator

A lot of extended education has gone into the evolution of the Grounded program and it is the leading brand in terms of professionalism, stability and curriculum structure. Amy, Cheryl and their trainee graduates have an excellent knowledge of yoga and child development, and yet, the key to their success, is how they make the experience of learning and growing so much FUN! Grounded, as an organization, has always gone above and beyond my expectations for quality programing. The teachers make a point to interact with parents as well, to make sure they are comfortable with the messages being taught, and in many cases, the kids have then convinced their parents to come in and do yoga for themselves.

~Debbie Kelley, Founder and Director Decatur Yoga and Pilates

I want to express how much the Grounded Kids Program means to me. Amy Haysman and co-founder Cheryl Crawford have masterfully created a a kids yoga program like no other. Far from just making poses accessible and attractive to kids, it is evident that all aspects of the Grounded Program curriculum are intentionally constructed so that children experience the genuine benefits that yoga affords. The Grounded Program enables teachers and students alike to engage in self-reflection and gain self-awareness. What an empowering program! Through it, we learn to be aware of the power we have and from there investigate how we can make choices in our own lives that better serve us. Simultaneously, the partner and whole group poses remind us that we are all interconnected. I have now completed four training modules with the program and am presently engaging in the fifth: online mentoring. Thank you for scaffolding such an amazing support for us to grow as teachers! In the very first module, we experienced all poses, for we are only able to teach from our heart that which we have ourselves connected to, experienced and digested first. In that module, we also learned some of your thoughts involved in the organization of Grounded; the influence of Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga as well as the chakra system. You taught us to lesson plan. In the second and third training modules, you really have us delve in to teaching! I know I have become a stronger, more adept teacher because of these modules! The activities that you designed greatly served me in finding my voice as a teacher and in gaining knowledge of verbal and manual adjustments to better serve my students. The Quest for Elevation program for teachers and kids is intricately crafted and helps participants little by little both realize their own increasing sense of awareness as well as gain fluency in all aspects of yoga: from their relationship with the asanas to knowing how each pose serves him / her to understanding the benefits of breathwork, chanting and guided visualizations, to serving the community with a heartfelt project and ultimately to being able to articulate how yoga becomes a practice not just done on a mat but lived as well. As an elementary teacher disheartened with how our system of education has been segmented into different parts with so much emphasis on intellect over other intelligences; I wholeheartedly feel that this continual work of awareness, compassion and renewed realization of our connection back to the whole is indeed the most important work that can be done on this earth and through Grounded, Amy and Cheryl have created a vehicle through which to realize this work. Indeed, without Grounded, I would myself not know how to integrate these practices into my own life and now with Grounded, not only do I exercise what I have learned on a daily basis but I am able to bring it to many others as well.

~Shara Cherniak, Educator

The Yoga Club and Grounded Kids provide exercise, both physical and mental, to students as after school enrichment. The skills learned in Yoga Club and the expertise teachers have obtained through their training enhance the classroom experience through breathing and relaxation techniques. Additionally, teachers find it valuable for classroom maintenance and order, both during the regular school day as well as before testing periods..

~Jason Marshall, Principal Fernbank Elementary School


All of the Grounded trainings are wonderful. As a teacher, you walk away with lesson plans and great ideas to take right into your classes. Personally, each training is a mini retreat for your body, mind and spirit. I really appreciate the support you are given after the trainings as well. The network of friends you make during each session is also invaluable. I highly recommend going through all the levels.

~Holly Reese, Yoga Teacher

I wanted to let you know that the Kindergarten yoga field trip was amazing! The teachers were so great at reaching the kids, leading the kids to participate, and showing how yoga can help you deal with stress. The bowl with mixed up colors was super cool!
I am very glad we had the mats to use. I think the floor with or without a towel would’ve been uncomfortable…or maybe that’s b/c of my old body! It also helped the kids keep their own space. It seems like kids tend to end up in the speaker’s lap otherwise. J
The schedule where each class had its own time worked well also. I hope your instructors like the smaller groups and break for lunch, as well.
Overall, it was amazing! We all enjoyed it and it was more than a pleasure working with you and your instructors!!!

Thanks again,
~Anne Pugh, Kindergarten Teacher

I am writing to you both because I wanted to share how much the Grounded Level 3 training meant to me. I thought that it was wonderful! Although the week started off with a rather intense topic on how to be with children who have trauma sensitivity the space that was held throughout the training was impeccable safe and thought through in detail. Every day was filled with more and more interesting information. I loved meeting Marry and Martha! They both taught me a profound amount in many different areas during their lesson. Such as ‘ how to love more’ in Martha’s words. That children who have special needs are kids first and then other societal and worldly definitions to follow. Marry’s own sharing of how she has arrived to where she is, really created space in me to allow myself to share with others more freely of my own experience. I also loved having Sedef and Stephanie’s lesson on the pre-grounded curriculum and how to teach that age group. They were both very funny and thorough in detail on what works and what doesn’t work with children that age. Each day offered it’s own special practice. I feel that your commitment and undivided attention for each student created and wrapped the training with the energy of pure love and helped cultivate authentic bonding between the women who attended the training. As well as helped me, and others in the group, really believe in ourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Sonata Kogan, Yoga Teacher



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