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Confronting Shame, Doubt, and Fear

The Grounded program is grateful for being invited to participate in a number of Blog Talk Radio segments coordinated and hosted by Donna Freeman at Yoga in My School.

Discover how addressing kids darker states of mind can relieve their perceived expectations of always having to be happy. This awareness leads to lighter and brighter clarity.

Learn how allowing and recognizing shame, doubt and fear in the lives of youth, helps them to feel whole, to recognize themselves and to know they are perfect just the way they are today.

Cheryl will provide specific examples from her work with at-risk and under-served populations in Atlanta.



Yoga for Bully Proofing & Prevention

Bullying and violence are a major problem in schools and among youth. This special episode will focus on how yoga-based techniques are proving effective in bully proofing our children and classrooms.

Dee Marie, of Calming Kids, will share her ground-breaking program that teaches yoga and conflict management skills to youth giving them the skills needs to be calm and compassionate, strong and resilient. We’ll also discuss the Harvard study results of the program. Also joining us will is Cheryl Crawford (Grounded), with the program Quest for Elevation which is used in schools to teach yoga based techniques to combat bullying.

Find out how yoga can empower your children and stop bullying.

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Essential Tools Improve Children’s Health

Donna Freeman hosts as Karma Carpenter Shea of K– leads a discussion about the positive behavior and health impact of mindfulness and yoga in schools.

Discover how to teach leadership skills, self-regulation and co-operation as well as improve overall health and wellness both mental and physical.

Teaching mindfulness and yoga skills in schools helps children, teachers and parents to live healthier lives, get along better, reduce anxiety and succeed at life’s many challenges.

Special guests include Amy Haysman of Grounded and Susan Solvang of Growing Minds.

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Yoga in Schools: Turning Research into Programs

One of the most often asked question for school-based yoga programs is “Does it really work?” The International Association for School Yoga and Mindfulness (IASYM) responds with a resounding “YES!” Our distinguished panel of quests will discuss some of the current research being conducted and how that research is translated into powerful school-based programs, bringing calm, focus and learning readiness into today’s classrooms. Karma Carpenter, Director of IASYM, Lynda Meeder, Director of YogaKids, Anne Buckley-Reen, OT & founder of Get Ready to Learn, and Cheryl Crawford, co-founder of Grounded Kids, join us to share their experiences in researching the effects of yoga and mindfulness in schools. Discover how yoga is impacting kids, teachers and administrators through innovative programs proven effective by University research.

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Collaboration: Synergy and Strength in Kids Yoga Programs

Are you looking to grow your kids yoga business? Do you want to impact the lives of more children and work from a solid foundation?

Discover how two revolutionary kids yoga programs were created through collaboration. We’ll chat with Grounded in Atlanta, GA, and Newark Yoga Movement in Newark, NJ, to find out how they combined their strengths to create the Atlanta Yoga Movement

Also hear how Zensational Kids and Radiant Child Yoga pooled their knowledge and expertise to offer training programs for yoga for differently abled children. Join hosts Donna Freeman and Karma Carpenter Shea (K-12 Yoga) with guests Cheryl Crawford, Debbie Kaminsky and Allison Morgan to find out how to energize your program through collaboration.

You’ll learn what to takes to join forces, questions to ask to open conversations, some of the pitfalls to avoid and ways to enhance your current kids yoga offerings.

Original Broadcast: September 3, 2014

Yoga Radio: Yoga for Kids of All Ages

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