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A for Effort


My shoulders are burning and my wrists ache. I can feel the blood rushing into my head and the pressure in my eyes. I push through my arms and squeeze my feet together. A brief moment occurs which appears to be timeless. I’m standing upside down, perfectly aligned- effortless, weightless and with ease. Although the moment feels timeless, I quickly come crashing down. A feeling arises in me that I haven’t had in years. It’s a familiar, but distance feeling, like seeing an old friend and remembering why you shared so much time together. It’s the feeling you had when you got a gold star for a perfect spelling test in first grade, or completed your middle school science project. I’ve been practicing hand stand for a while and could never seem to nail it without the wall. I finally see the result of the hard work I have been engaging in- the feeling of accomplishment.

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Written by

Lillarose, Grounded Student, Age 10

(Grounded elevating student since age 3.)


It was a rainy day… A perfect day to do yoga to set my day straight and to breath in my emotions.  Sometimes we feel happiness, sometimes we feel sadness, sometimes we feel joy and even stress.  There is good stress and there is bad stress.  It’s okay to feel these emotions.  Let’s honor them all, let’s talk about it and let them guide us to be the best we can be.  The Focus Five Prepare to Thrive sequence will help anyone who needs to be calm, relaxed or to become more confident.

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Everyone has the right to invite the bell and invite others to stop and practice.



An invitation to sound the bell. Inviting instead of striking is more sacred, more of a nonviolent attention.


  1. Beginning of the day, end of the day, and transitions.

  2. Before meals.

  3. Whenever someone doesn’t feel grounded or the atmosphere doesn’t feel peaceful.

  4. Before a yoga practice.

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Each year Little Shop of Stories, a bookstore in Decatur, has a city wide reading initiative called On the Same Page.   Readers of all ages enjoy the same book and for several weeks, activities are planned for the schools and the community leading up to the grand finale which is a guest reading by the book’s author.  The selected book for 2016 was The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

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