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Yoga By Letter: W

In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wild, Wisdom, Warriors

In W In


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Weak, Wasted, Whining

Out W Out


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Weave, We, Worth

In W In


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wishy-Washy, Whimpering, Worries

Out W Out


In W Out W

Yoga with the W

Wacky, Waking, Wonder

In W In

We Welcome the Wisdom of the Warriors!

May all children Witness their Worthiness with Wild Wonderment and may We all

Go for the WOW (and not the Ow)…

Sat Nam



Yoga By Letter: V


In V Out V

Yoga with the V

Venturesome, Virtuous, Vibrations

In V In


In V Out V

 Yoga with the V

Vain, Vicious, Violence

Out V Out


In V Out V

Yoga with the V

Vulnerable, Vital, Vessels

In V In


In V Out V

Yoga with the V

Voiceless, Vengeful, Victims

Out V Out



  May all children

Value the Vexation of Vulnerability~

Venerate their Vulnerabilities for Venturesome

And Voice their Vision~


Sat Nam

Teaching Children in India

Thank you, India

for teaching me how to feel in my bones

the truth of my purpose

and my presence

here and now…

DSC02936 - Copy…How to build on my prana, on my vitality behind my communication….


DSC02937 - Copy

…How to refine my


so it is effective and precise…


…That I don’t necessarily need to speak the language,

{or even use words}

to share steadiness, compassion and connection..



…I do need to do the {yoga} work beforehand to intuitively tap into the  children’s NEEDS…..


and collaborate more and more and more with other like-minded individuals. Through what Yogi Bhajan has called the collective pool of intelligence……


Because wherever passion and inspiration flows, connecting with  others creates an even  greater flow…


and breathing

and chanting

and laughing

and moving together

is Universal…

DSC02957 - Copy

…And moving through the pairs of opposites without struggle or being affected by them is the universal teaching…


… We need to receive in order to hold space…

DSC02960 - Copy

Love is a creative force within us that makes the impossible, possible.

DSC02947 - Copy

May we love deeply both which feels like hurt,

and that which feels like nourishment.

DSC02941 - Copy

 I bow to the subtle and not so subtle, {more like intense}, teachers inside and outside…


…especially this one….

IMG_8836…who taught us

NOT to feel sorry for someone,

it’s diminishing and never helps.

Turn that energy into prayer.

Think, “How can I serve them?”

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself feeling sorry for them.

Serve them.


May we  remember that LOVE is a creative force in EVERY human being.


Thank you, Somer, Katia, and Kasia for teaching with me.

 Thank you, Somer for capturing the beautiful experience with your camera.

Thank you, India for your Grace.

Sat Nam

Yoga By Letter: U


In U Out U

Yoga with the U

Unbounded, Unlimited, Unfurling

In U In


In U Out U

Yoga with the U

Unnecessary, Uptight, Unhappy

Out U Out

In U Out U

Yoga with the U

Universal, United, Unique

In U In


May all children ultimately understand unconditional love, how to unblock and unstick useless energy, and how to uplift themselves and others….


*This video of Lillian, almost certified grounded 2nd grader, was taken a few weeks ago after she earned her Indigo bandana in her Quest For Elevation. She also wrote a visualization which I will share during Letter Z….

Thank you Lillian for uplifting us with your Truth.


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