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A for Effort


My shoulders are burning and my wrists ache. I can feel the blood rushing into my head and the pressure in my eyes. I push through my arms and squeeze my feet together. A brief moment occurs which appears to be timeless. I’m standing upside down, perfectly aligned- effortless, weightless and with ease. Although the moment feels timeless, I quickly come crashing down. A feeling arises in me that I haven’t had in years. It’s a familiar, but distance feeling, like seeing an old friend and remembering why you shared so much time together. It’s the feeling you had when you got a gold star for a perfect spelling test in first grade, or completed your middle school science project. I’ve been practicing hand stand for a while and could never seem to nail it without the wall. I finally see the result of the hard work I have been engaging in- the feeling of accomplishment.

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