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UP-UP-UP With a Fish!

At the local Barnes & Noble families joined together for storytime and yoga to celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday and Read Across America Day.  I was inspired by Dr. Suess’s “The Cat In The Hat” and Co-Founder, Cheryl Crawford’s Grounded Blog Post, “Suess Sutra 1-1: Big Picture Play of Conciousness”.

We tuned into our highest Self and listened to our small, limited and fearful side, inviting both to play with one another in a little game of “UP-UP-UP With a Fish!”. In Cheryl Crawford’s blog post, “Suess Sutra 1-1: Big Picture Play Of Consciousness” we are reminded that once we tune into our Highest Consciousness we begin to understand why we are here and where we should go. Our Highest Consciousness watches over us and helps steer us in the highest direction. By creating a lesson with a series of poses families invited their Highest Self (The Cat) and limited Self (the fish) to play together. By doing this we created space within ourselves by getting wider with each breath in and taller with each breath out. Now that’s elevation!

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”


Close your eyes if you wish and breathe into your heart. Lets introduce 3 tricks along with the Cat that will help the fish along the way. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Breathe into your heart. Breath out through your nose. Continue to follow your breath. By bringing your hands together and placing your pinky and thumb fingers together, opening your three middle fingers in Lotus Breath lift the fish Up-Up-Up and support him along the way. Remind him that he will not fall,

“Have no fear!
You will not fall.
You will not fall.
I will hold you up high…”


Poster 20

Practice yoga poses according to various reoccurring themes in your Harry Potter film of choice.

If you enjoy watching Harry Potter and need to get moving and breathing, try this fun, in house, yoga workout circuit. Challenge yourself and try and watch all the movies and jazz up your yoga routine at the same time. Invite your friends.

You’ll need mats, yoga pose cards , healthy food, and beverages. I made posters for easy viewing. Try Grounded innovative yoga poses or create your own. Remember to move with your breath. Practice good alignment when sitting between poses.

Poster 20


Works for Any Harry Potter Movie

Every time…..                                                                    Do this pose 

a spell is cast                                                                     Breath of Joy

a password is used                                                           Plank (5 breaths)

someone cries                                                                    Playing with Fire          

Harry flies                                                                          Serious Crow Playful

Fred and George finish sentence together                     Rectangular Relationship

someone says “Voldemort”                                             Gratitude

a pet is shown                                                                    Cat Scratch Fever to Down Dog

someone dies                                                                     Calm Down

Draco mentions his father                                               No Whining

Harry touches his scar                                                     Forward Fold

they enter Room of Requirement                                   Go to Your Room          

Ron says “bloody hell”                                                    Yoga Burpees* (x5)

they enter the Forbidden Forest                                      Root Tree Rise

someone says “You Know Who”                                    Straight Leg Lunge

or “He Who Must Not Be Named”                                  Jump Switches (10x)

you see Harry’s Parents                                                     Lighten Up

they are in Hogsmeade                                                      Laughter Milkshake

Hermione raises her hand                                                 Warrior 1 Up

you see centaurs                                                                 No Table Yes

*A Yoga Burpee is when you start from Tall Mountain go to Forward Fold, then to Plank and come back up.

 Poster 10

Works for a Specific Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Every time….                                                                    Do this pose

points are rewarded or taken away                              You’re Up than You’re Down

a painting talks                                                                 Oompa Loompa

you see Quirrell                                                                Bring It On

they enter restricted area (3rd flood corridor)             Go to Your Room

a staircase moves                                                              Bridge

Hagrid says, “I shouldn’t have said that.”                    Flexibility Kick Freedom           

Seamus explodes something                                           Calm Steam Silly


Chamber of Secrets

Every time….                                                                    Do this Pose

Dobby interferes                                                              Whistle While You Work

Lucius Malfoy appears                                                   No Whining

Mudblood is said                                                             Washing Machine

the monster attacks                                                          Get Up

you see spiders                                                                 Triangle with Wisdom

parseltongue is spoken/basilisk voice                          Snake     

Lockhart ask egoistical or cowardly                              Plank (5 breaths)

Prisoner of Azkaban

Every time….                                                         Do this pose

you see the Whomping Willow                          Root Tree Rise

Time-Turner Used (duration)                             Solid Ground Flow

you see the Grimm/ Sirius’s animagus            Crossbow

Ron and Hermione fight over pets                    Double Dog Dare

Buckbeak is seen                                                   Effort Pigeon Surrender

Dementors are seen                                              Bubble Gum Breath

Sirius Black is mentioned                                    Warrior 2 Decide

Goblet of Fire

Every time…..                                                                    Do this pose

an unforgivable curse is cast                                          Warrior 3 with Intention

Krum’s name is said                                                        Strength with Flexibility

Rita Skeeter appears                                                        Bring It On

Duration of Tasks 1 & 2                                                   Oompa Loompa Wall Sit

Moody takes a drink from his flask                               Just a Sip

Cedric appears                                                                  Warrior 2 with clarity

a person asks someone to Yule Ball                               Warrior 2 Decide

Poster 30

Order of the Phoenix

Every time….                                                                      Do this pose

Harry has a vision                                                             Warrior 2 with Clarity

DA meeting                                                                        Network

Occlumency is used                                                          We Will Rock You

Umbridge giggles or “Um Hm”                                      Mountain Range Laughter

you see Luna Lovegood                                                    Over the Rainbow

Daily Prophet Flashes Across Screen                              Hold On a Minute

you see thestrals                                                                 Camel

Half-blood Prince

Every time….                                                                     Do this pose

Half-blood Prince is mentioned                                     Half-lift

You see Slughorn                                                              Laughter Hero

Draco works on the vanishing cabinet                          Double Check

Memory in the Pensieve                                                  Lotus Breath

Death Eater attack                                                             Bring It On

Teenage love moment                                                       Fish

Felix-Felicis is shown                                                        Just a Sip

Deathly Hallows (Part 1 and 2)

Every time….                                                                     Do this pose

Harry says, “Dumbledore told me”                              Because I Said So

Harry stares at the Snitch                                                Bring It On

Horcrux is found                                                              Double Check

Horcrux is destroyed                                                       You’re Up and You’re Down

You see into Voldemort’s mind                                      Warrior 3 with Intention

Death Eater attack                                                            Hold On a Minute

See Deathly Hallow’s sign                                              Twist and Target           

Someone dies                                                                    Calm down

See Nagini                                                                         Snake

Death Eater apparates                                                     Don’t Rock the Boat


Please let us know how it went! Did the 19 hours fly by?


Last month I finally broke open my Pose Chips from Grounded Yoga. Okay, now how to use them, I thought. It just so happened that I was launching a new class that night called, “Girls Night Out” (8 – 12 years) and that I had a full house of 18 (some of which Iʼd never met). One of the main intentions for this new class was to create a space for girls to come together and connect. So, what a perfect opportunity to use the Pose Chips as a tool to do so. As the girls were arriving, I came around and placed a pose chip on their mat. I asked them to keep it safe for the whole night. Once everyone arrived, I introduced the “Pose Chip Icebreaker – Get To Know You Game” and hereʼs how it works:image

1. Everyone begins in a seated position.

2. One by one, ask the children to stand up, say their name, read their pose chip and show the group the posture.

3. Remind the rest of the children to pay attention and remember which pose goes with which person because they will soon be tested!

4. After about 6 – 8 children, pause the group and say one of the childrenʼs names who introduced themselves. That person is to remain quiet in a seated position while the rest of the group shows you the posture that went with the selected personʼs name (I like to use a bell to cue them to sit back down after practicing/showing you the posture).

5. Continue to say several more names (one at a time), asking the rest of the group to show you which pose belonged to that person.

6. Carry on with the remainder of the group, asking each person one by one to say their name, read their pose and show the group the posture.

7. Once you have gone through everyone, resume to testing the children by saying one personʼs name and asking the rest of the group to show you the corresponding posture!

Not only is it a fun “get to know you” game but it is also a great warm-up as the children move in and out of a number of postures!


Near the end of the night we break out into a full on yoga dance party! The children are asked to either hold onto their pose chip or remember their pose for the dance game. When the music plays, the children dance freely around the room. When the music stops, they freeze. For the first person, I say a name and they show their pose. The rest of the group follows and does the posture. After that, the person who was first selected choses the next person by tapping them on the shoulder during the dance movement.

When the music stops, the newly selected yogi does their pose and the rest of the group follows. It keeps going in this way as each new child selects another to show their pose when the music stops. Another great way to use the Pose Chips! Thank you for reading.


Vanessa Braun, Storyoga Instructor


Rainbow Poses


Kids give us a new perspective, and a broader one as well.  It’s OK to sometimes have a winner in a yoga game. It’s fun to use intuition and try to stump each other. Here is a pose chip game created by two second grade grounded kids.





pose_chips-ksYoga has become a great way for children of ALL abilities to become aware of their body, in line with their breath, and connected to the beautiful truth and peace within them.  As an occupational therapist and devoted yogi, Allison Morgan of Zensational Kids (see offers up a joyful and mindful way to facilatate learning yoga with pose chips.

The Elevator Series Pose Chips help provide a fun, interactive game atmosphere that facilitates learning in a natural and enriching way. Here are a few ideas of how to use these chips in a group or individually to help develop visual and motor skills, motor planning, body awareness and most importantly, laughter.

MEMORY for you and a child

  1. Start with 3 chips, face up. Have the child look at all the chips and go over what each pose is. This can be done either verbally (saying the name of each pose), or motorically (making your body into each pose).
  2. Turn the chips face down. You can test your memory now, or do something else for a few minutes and come back to the chips.
  3. OK, do you remember what poses were on the chips? If you can’t say them, do them. As the child remembers the chips, turn them over to reveal the pictures. If they can’t remember the poses, you do one of them, and see if they remember the name of the pose.
  4. Do you remember the order the chips were in?
  5. OK, once you master 3 chips, try some more.

MEMORY for a group of children

  1. Start with one chip per student. All the children see the chips, say the names of the poses, or do the poses. You will see that their memory is enhanced if they can say them and do them. This demonstrates the power of our body and how important it is in our learning process.
  2. Now count to 5. Everyone STRIKE A POSE. This allows the children to do anything that they remember.
  3. As a group, can they decide what pose is missing? Can they remember any of the missing poses that no one in the group formed? Can they put the poses in the same order that the chips were in?
  4. This is also fun to play with a big group, with a little challenge. Divide the students up into groups of 3, 4, or 5. Every group gets the same number of chips. If each group has 3 students, they get 3 chips, 4 students, 4 chips, etc…. See which TEAM can remember all of their chips and form the sequence with their bodies.


Atlanta Yoga Movement


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