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The Elevator Doors of the Grounded House are open for this month's membership. 

The  Pass is available to Grounded Teachers and provides 12-month special access and monthly new offerings. Plus you get 10% discount on all store purchases when you enter the code provided on the welcome page.

Inside you'll connect with Amy, Cheryl and other elevated grounders.

You'll have access to our logo, our templates, our poses, tools, resources and so much more.

This month's newest content is focused on practices and experiences that will activate conscious communication.

 Commune with other powerful teachers virtually, where you'll have an opportunity to share your gifts and experiences and go forth into the new season deeply nourished and inspired.

Face time with Cheryl and Amy on our monthly call. This is a time where you can get on a ton of insights that will help guide you on your teaching journey.

The doors will close again on the 5th Day of the moon.


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