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Fear On The Run

Dont-FeedOn the eleventh of October,
when the leaves began to whirl,
The Fear planned an escape
from a Grounded Girl.

Her thighs were so rooted.
Earth connection quite solid
The Fear considered
her chakra too squalid.

The Fear said to its lover,
(The Doubt in her gut)
“This girl knows her rights
and kicks regrets in the butt!”

“Oh please”, said the Doubt
not convinced the least bit
“What next, will you tell me
She trusts quite a bit?”

“Why yes,” said the Fear,Dont_Feed_me“She most certainly does.
She’s accepting and centered and
breathes away Fuzz.”

“It’s the Passions, the Loves
who  fill her with Light!
No large tensions
or bloated Blames in sight!”

“Is she aware of her legs?
Is she steady and grounded?
Is her openness to Grace
alive and unbounded?”

“Yes, that’s the problem
I’m shrinking and skinny
and craving abrasive loud energy,
you ninny!”

“I crave thoughts of tension,
sudden threats of survival,
I’d even take worry of
times of arrival.”

“I’m making a run for it,
I might even get caught,
put behind bars
with the Shames and Distraughts”

“I need to find shelter
at the base of a spine,
a new first chakra:
a bit misaligned.”

“I’m willing to stay small
cute, cuddly, and silly.
just notice me, love me,
accept me, you nilly.”

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