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Grounded at the skate park…and I’m seven!

Last week my seven year old son participated in a Grounded Quest for Elevation Yoga camp and was asked to contribute a blog post on how Grounded has changed his approach to situations….here it is…in his own words…

orange_bandanaLast week was a week filled with yoga camp and the skate park.  I went to the skate park almost every day after camp.  This was my first time skating at the park.  My first day there I mostly observed.  The second day I was feeling scared but brave at the same time.  I went to the top of the ramp.  My friend was cheering me on.  Suddenly, my skate board slipped out from under me and got stuck to another skater’s board.  I said to him, “It’s almost like they’re getting married.”  He didn’t say anything back.  He walked away with the two boards stuck together, then threw my skate board on the floor.  Grounding Tip:  I didn’t say anything back to the focused, but ungrounded skater.  Instead, I stayed grounded and walked away.  I picked up my skateboard and walked back up the ramp.  I told my friend, “What’s up with him?”   With my friend cheering me on, I decided to give the ramps a try.  Finally, I went down the ramp.  I asked my friend, “Did you see me?”  He said, “Yeah!”  He said, “Go do the bigger ramps.”  I did and they were so much fun.  After going down all the ramps I felt really good.  I am no longer afraid.  Grounded lesson:  I walked away and I didn’t allow the skater dude to keep me from trying the ramps.

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Kelley Sue

Kelley Sue, Certified Elevated Grounder, Mother of two, Photographer, B.F.A Art Educator, teaches Grounded Yoga and Mindful Meditation to individuals ages 3 to 83. She also photographs children and families. If Kelley Sue is not on her mat practicing yoga, she is homeschooling, cuddled up reading to her children, photographing or creating art.Kelley Sue enjoys teaching a balance of artful alignment, mindful meditation and playfulness while embracing the joys and benefits of yoga. She is passionate about embracing life in all forms and feels that love is one of the most powerful forces on this planet. Through motherhood, yoga and art she strives to make this world a better place.

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  • It is so cool when you can keep your cool by being grounded. I am very proud of you little man. Bet the ramps were fantastic, too.

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