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Grounded Teacher Directory

I_wantThe list below represents the Grounded “Kula” or community of teachers that have completed Grounded training(s).  The directory can be filtered by using the drop down category menu to select the level of training teachers have obtained. Level indicates the following:

  • Grounder: Successfully completed one Grounded training module
  • Elevating Grounder: Actively pursuing certification.
  • Certified Elevated Grounder:  Successfully completed the requirements for 95 hour Yoga Alliance Certification

Use the search box to further refine the listing.  For example to find a teacher in a particular state, enter the state name (ie. Georgia) in the search box.

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    Chelsea Jackson

    No Photo Available
    Work Atlanta Georgia United States Website:|*|

    Kellie Jackson Daniel

    No Photo Available
    Work Charlotte North Carolina United States Website:

    Kellie has been teaching yoga to kids in schools in the Charlotte area for 3 years and teaching public group classes to adults for 8 years. Her training through the Grounded Program has taught Kellie how to help kids make a deeper connection to the whole of themselves and have fun while doing so. The kids love Kellie’s warm, animated voice as she leads kids through a sequence to help keep themfocused, clear, certain and bright!

    Please feel free to contact Kellie with any questions about finding a Grounded class in the Charlotte area.

    Aliya Jafri

    No Photo Available
    Home 2418 Wood Trail Lane Decatur GA 30033

    Jennifer Jakubecy

    No Photo Available
    Work davidson North Carolina United States

    Cheryl Janecka

    No Photo Available
    Work Tampa Florida United States Website:|*|YogaDoodleDo!

    Amy Jarrett

    No Photo Available

    Sabrina Jean-Louis

    No Photo Available

    Stephanie Jeon

    No Photo Available

    Carmen Jimenez

    No Photo Available

    Angela Jinright

    No Photo Available

    Dia Johnson

    No Photo Available
    Work Atlanta Georgia United States

    Lovette Johnson

    No Photo Available
    Work Atlanta Georgia United States

    Mary Johnson

    Photo of Mary Johnson
    Owner, Owl Feather Enterprises, LLC Home Columbus GA 31904 Cell Phone: 706-761-0343

    Selina Johnson

    No Photo Available
    Work Lithonia Georgia United States

    Deborah Jones

    No Photo Available
    Work Grand Junction Colorado United States


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