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Grounded Teacher Directory

I_wantThe list below represents the Grounded “Kula” or community of teachers that have completed Grounded training(s).  The directory can be filtered by using the drop down category menu to select the level of training teachers have obtained. Level indicates the following:

  • Grounder: Successfully completed one Grounded training module
  • Elevating Grounder: Actively pursuing certification.
  • Certified Elevated Grounder:  Successfully completed the requirements for 95 hour Yoga Alliance Certification

Use the search box to further refine the listing.  For example to find a teacher in a particular state, enter the state name (ie. Georgia) in the search box.

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    Deborah Reinhardt Youmans

    No Photo Available

    Diane Zarzecki

    No Photo Available

    Aileen Zeigler

    No Photo Available
    Work Decatur Georgia United States

    Avi Zokram

    No Photo Available
    Work Charlotte North Carolina United States


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