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Grounded Recommended Reading

Something magical happens when a person and the written word truly connect. Whether it’s a manual, a short story, poetry or an award-winning piece of literature, all have the potential to teach and inspire us when we read with a receptive heart. We invite you to not only engage your intellect but open your heart so that the wisdom in these texts may offer you a new perspective, a deeper understanding of yourself, and a desire to share the messages.

There are many fantastic resources that have inspired us in creating the Grounded program.  Whether you are a yoga teacher looking to expand your foundation of knowledge or a yoga student looking to go deeper in your practice, we encourage you to enhance your practice by reading the books listed below.

Yoga:  Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices

Elemental Conduct: Methods for Organizing a Harmonious Class Environment

Inspiration: Outer Literacy for Inner Literacy


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