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Grounded Training Overview

Do you want to learn how to really teach yoga to kids and teens?

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Upholding the integrity of yoga while making it accessible, desirable and beneficial to children makes this training program radically distinct.




Grounded Teacher Trainings and Certification Path

Step 1: Ground Yourself In Children’s Yoga

Based on the principle that you must ground yourself before grounding others, this training is an invitation to create an authentic presence, complete engaging groundwork and receive a well-rounded introduction into all aspects of teaching yoga to kids and teens.

Upon completion, you are eligible for the Elevator Pass and entry to our private online group as well as a listing on our website as a Grounded Teacher with reference to your bio and teaching schedule.

You may take this training as a stand-alone course or as the first step toward certification.

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Step 2: Expand Your Reach

Choose OneA Choice

For your second training you can choose either a training focused on teaching yoga in schools or a training focused on teaching pre-grounders (ages 3-6) and special needs populations.  Having a hard time deciding?  Then take both!

Teaching Yoga in Schools

Training within actual schools allows you to see the nuances and efficiently gain the skills necessary to affect classrooms of children with the benefits of yoga and mindfulness through our signature United States of You curriculum.

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Pre-Grounded and Special Needs

Align your skills with your heart’s desire to teach real yoga in a fun and meaningful way to little ones and those with special needs.

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Step 3: Refine Your Teaching Through the Elements


Elements Training

Working together to understand and identify the qualities and characteristics of the five universal elements within yourself and others gives you the advantage of knowing how to connect with and inspire children on a very deep level.

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Step 4: Celebrate Your Elevation

TW76_Garden-ClubAdvanced Training and Graduation

Complete your training with others who have stepped up to earn the distinction of Certified Grounded Teacher, ready and willing to make a difference in the world.

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