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Grounded….an Adjective, a Noun, a Verb…A Way of Life

Being grounded brings us back to balanced working order, the way nature intended us to be. When grounded, we know where we belong in ourselves, the earth and in relation to others. We offer you a supported opportunity to ground yourself so that you may teach others how to cultivate this quality.

Definition of GROUNDED
: mentally and emotionally stable : admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious
grounded [?gra?nd?d]
sensible and down-to-earth; having one’s feet on the ground

Ground \Ground\ (ground), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Grounded; p. pr. & vb. n. Grounding.]

1. To lay, set, or run, on the ground.
2. To found; to fix or set, as on a foundation, reason, or principle; to furnish a ground for; to fix firmly.
Being rooted and grounded in love. –Eph. iii. 17.
3. To instruct in elements or first principles.
4. (Elec.) To connect with the ground so as to make the earth a part of an electrical circuit.

Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

1. The first principle is to set the Foundation. Even before we open to Grace we take the time to align whatever parts of our body is on the Ground. Connect your legs, your nervous system to the earth.
If we do not do this, we will be without roots and lack the stability necessary for true growth.

We Ground planes in order to protect the flying public, to allow for inspections to occur, to have time to make any necessary repairs and to maintain the planes in safe, working order. We do the same with our bodies.

We love #2 “Being rooted and grounded in love. That’s what we work on.  Get Grounded in love.  Get Grounded in a particular skill.   Embody your deep talents.  Hold your Ground in a difficult situation.

When you are disrespectful, scattered and careless you are UN-Grounded.  You lose your center, fly off the handle, get swept off your feet, or daydream in a fantasy world. Your attention wonders. You need to get grounded, breathe deeply and take the time to look inside your self. The more grounded we are, the more we respond to life from within rather than react to external events.  We know we are part of  a larger, natural world. We sense our connections with others.
4. Like any receiver we need to plug it in before we can receive the various frequencies. Grounding is the process of plugging ourselves into the Earth and the world.

Ground is home. It’s familiar, safe, and secure. It has a power of it’s own. Life Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ says, “There’s no place like home.” She was grounded in her quest to get back to Kansas. She rescues herself and her companions instead of waiting around for a prince.  So click your heels and Ground yourself in love and compassion. Getting Grounded is the gateway to freedom. Look down where your feet meet your path.  Follow your own yellow brick road. And on your journey, always Ground your shoulder blades into your heart.

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