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Here Comes the Chakra Man

Mr_MarshallChakra-Man will take us on a journey toward greater awareness and aliveness. He is the power behind bringing mindfulness into  schools.

Chakra-Man: The Official Grounded Super Hero
The most realistically human of all super heroes and based on the character of a real-life Principal of an elementary school.

Chakra-Man came to life one day.
There must have been some magic in the drawings made with love.
For this Chakra-Man, was more than we dreamed of……



Chakra-Man, Chakra-Man, Grounded in the Master Plan.CM_Poster

Calms a kid, any size,
Mind is open, like the sky

Deep Breath!
Here comes the Chakra-Man

Is he steady?
Listen Sweet,
He’s got rooted, heavy feet.
Can he go with the flow?
Second Chakra is aglow
Hey, there
There flows the Chakra-Man

In the stress of test fright
At the sound of a chime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time

Chakra-Man, Chakra-Man
Grounded in the Master Plan

Chakra_Man-v2Strength and Grace
At his source
Sensitivity is Reinforced.
Breathe In! Here comes the Chakra-Man!

Attitude, Alignment, Action
Expansion before Contraction
You’ll find the Chakra-Man!

Chakra-Man, Chakra-Man  Grounded in the Master Plan.
Calms a kid, any size,
Mind is open, like the sky

Deep Breath!
Here comes the Chakra-Man.

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  • This is AWESOME!!! I LOVE!! My students and I are also learning about the Chakra System. As Amy says, “we are riding the same wave length”. 😉 We have discussed a variety of superheros! We have some [i]very[/i] exciting ideas!! I cannot wait to share!!

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