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Hey, Lighten Up!


Have you ever been told to Lighten Up? We’ve all been stressed and most of the time we just don’t know how to relieve the pressure. It’s not as if we want to feel the weight of the world on our shoulders but being responsible, HR18_LightenUpconsciences and caring can translate into anxious, overwhelmed and burdened if there’s not enough space to disperse the load.

Our pose, Lighten Up, is on the Honor Roll floor of the Grounded Elevator Pose Series for a reason.  We honor ourselves by cultivating the element SPACE that is present in all living things. This element represents all space, an unbounded energy field and a playground for unconditional love. By practicing yoga we clear out negativity and experience more freedom in our body, mind and life. Openness and humility become our virtues when this element is balanced within us. This pose will lift your spirits and lighten your heart so that you may be a source of illumination in the world.

Lie down and ground the back of your head, your shoulders, your arms and your basement into the earth. Maintain the natural curve of your spine. Use your core strength to lift your legs straight up toward the sky. Spread your toes and expand inside with breath through your nose. Voice the word SPACE for the entirety of your exhalation. Repeat until tension and contracted thoughts fade into infinity and beyond.


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  • I will “lighten up” before bed tonight. Lots of body and energy work for three full days of Thai training and feeling grounded—but need to lighten up and FEEL the work. One more day to go.
    Thanks GROUNDED for giving me this tool.

  • In fact just by reading this I feel lighten Up! That will be my mantra this week. Its going to be a stressful week I know.. Thanks Ams..

  • I do need to lighten up , it will be a stressful week… Thank you for reminding us this super asana.

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