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Hooray For Family Yoga Day, part 2


You are here.

Make yourself hear.

Hear your pattern.

You’re not on Saturn.

You are here.

This is clear.

Hear your voice.

Quite a choice.


Hear your rhythm.

You’re here with ’em.

Hear your heartbeat.

You’re not on the street.

You are here.

with your ears.


Hear your heart.

State of the art.

Hear your heart.

Navigational chart.

Hear your heart.

Take. Part.


Hear your heart.

Work of Art.

Make yourself hear.

You are here.

Sat Nam

Thank you Little Shop of Stories, Bud, Not Buddy, Grounded Step 3 Teachers, Renfroe Middle and the City of Decatur for the connection of yoga, literature art and music. And family. And friends. And love.

And thank you, Carrie Beauchamp, for capturing this magical day.

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