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Horton Hears an Om

hortonAs part of an online continued education program in Grounded Kids Yoga, I was invited to teach a class based on the story of “Horton Hears a Who,” themed around aligning for listening and using a clear centered voice. I found myself entranced by the opportunity to use music and movement to bring this centered, felt experience to life for families. As I pored through the sample lessons offered by Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysman of Grounded Kids Yoga, lights started going off. I knew that this lesson was important for me and for those around me. My lessons with Roop Verma and the teachers of Ananda Ashram in music and Nada Yoga came through. My study with my teachers AmarJyothi Pariser and most recently the alignment of Naime Jezzany and Sue Elkind began to integrate as well. Integrating the teachings into my being to bring the lessons home is a teacher’s challenge.

A challenge and a practice. So why do we practice listening? In our relationships and our work, we can always use the reminder to listen. It is empowering to feel heard. As a teacher, parent, sister and friend, I am finding that fine-tuning these skills allow for easier relationships. Alongside the ability to hear others lays hearing ones own true, compassionate and clear voice. This voice is unique, has its own perfect noise and is a gift to find and when found, to share. Over the past few years, I have been increasingly aware of working with my own voice through teaching, singing and the study of Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound vibration and through the practice of right speech. Listening to the birds and music can be a fast path for many to a blissful feeling of unity and connection that a yoga practice provides.

So, I’ve been carrying this elephant on my back for a few months now! We have quite a relationship! In my family life, I try to align my breath and body for deeper listening. When teaching, or when something important comes up that I need to use my own clear voice, I think of the physical alignment of my body, pulling into center, with an extra check in for an open throat and ear alignment. I have noticed that when I am practicing off of the mat, there is greater ease in my ability to hear other people’s needs and my own. When I forget, not so easy!

In planning this Musical Family Yoga Workshop, I asked my friend and recording artist Kira Willey if she’d join me in playing with Horton and write a song about voice. Kira wrote the song “Every Voice.”


It is an incredibly catchy and meaningful song that will be featured on her third CD release. I madly love the song and her voice. I am sure that people will leave the workshop humming its tune and well aligned for all of the work in hearing and speaking off of our mats. Recommended for graders six years and over through grandparents. I look forward to sharing this workshop with you. Come visit, you will absolutely DIG it!

Felcia and Kira

Horton Hears an OM!

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