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How Do You Become Flexible On the Inside?

BB40 big“How do you become flexible on the Inside?”

That is the question that I was asked by 4th grade student Isabelle at Yoga Club last week. We were working on acknowledging what we could use more of: strength, balance, or flexibility. After meditating to find what we had the least of, Isabelle raised her hand and asked this question. I stumbled for words, trying to be eloquent and honest on the spot. I spoke of the importance of strength and balance in finding inner flexibility… but honestly this answer felt like it came up short. I found myself reflecting on this question for the rest of the day (the class was over at 3:30pm). I consulted some dear friends and got many good suggestions such as taking a walk, for no other reason than to walk.

But here is what I came up with, that resonates as the voice of my own truth.

Being flexible on the inside is a lifelong process. There is a big difference between being loosey goosey with no boundaries, and being open to change and to testing new waters. These two polarities give us a framework for the spectrum of possibility. At the beginning, at the core, and at the point of willingness, is a strong inner truth. This truth is clear, it reminds me who I am, what is most important to me. For some this is a relationship with family or friends. For others their connection to their higher power is the most precious thing in their lives. Maybe for you it’s a sport, or a mission, or catfishing. I check in, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly, with my Truth. Each time I face a new challenge I ask myself “Does this bring me closer or farther away from _________________.”


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