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Introducing Lauren…and her blog post

I’m delighted to introduce Lauren, Certified Grounded Kid to you. This is her third year in the Fernbank Elementary after school yoga club. She leads by example how to go from ungrounded to grounded in 60 seconds and I continue to learn from her example.



Have you ever felt like your heart is closed or you’re too stiff to move?

Hi I’m Lauren Stephenson and I used to be like that. Then I did yoga. That changed in the best way.

I became more flexible, open- hearted and many more!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on your positive side. Like if you forgot your homework at home and you have no idea about anything on the page.

Yoga helped me with that too.

Even if you’re an adult, it can still help. I hope you like it as much as me.


Lauren-profileI am Lauren Stephenson. I am in the fourth grade at Fernbank Elementary. I LOVE animals. Especially birds and mammals. I also like thinking and being in nature. I love yoga.


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