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Just Breathe

My journey into Grounded started at home with my kids. They are naturally curious about anything I do so of course they wanted to learn yoga. I started teaching them from what I know best, the Primary Series in Ashtanga Yoga. My 2 girls are very different. While my younger daughter really took to Ashtanga yoga, my older daughter was bored. She craved variety in the practic IMG_5161and often times just wanted lay back and breathe…so I let her. After all, yoga is a breathing exercise with Asana sprinkled in, right? It was my kids that led me to Grounded Yoga. I wanted to be able to provide them with not only Ashtanga Yoga, but all kinds of yoga. I wanted them to be able to build a firm foundation in Yoga that will carry them through their childhood right into their adulthood. I wanted to provide them with the tools to be able to find their place on their mat, be it Ashtanga yoga or not. I wanted them to know that some days it’s ok to just breathe, that if breathing was all they did for their practice on a particular day(s), then they are still practicing Yoga.

As the final portion of my Grounded Teacher Training, I mentored under Holly Reese at Barnwell Elementary School with their Yoga Club. What an amazing, and rambunctious, group of girls we had! I have to admit, I was completely intimidated by the group after our first few meetings. I was extremely thankful to have Holly there with me. She knew most of the girls personally and was able to fill me in the intricacies of each one. Together we worked hard to support each individual as they needed, but to also set boundaries so we could all work together as a team. We were able to figure out who works well togetherIMG_5143 and who loved to goof off together. As the semester went on, I got to know the girls and the girls got to know me. I started to figure out each girl’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc. On one of my solo teaching days a student in the club was suffering from back pain due to a chronic condition she has. She participated in the class minimally but was present with us nonetheless. She spent the majority of the class breathing and observing. During Savasana, she was still sitting upright on her mat, just breathing. So I placed the “Just Breathe” pose sticker on her nametag and gently reminded her that breathing was the most important part of yoga some days and she did a great job in class. This must have struck a chord with her because after class she came up to me and gave me her favorite pencil, which was just a nub of a pencil with an eraser still attached. However, it was special to her. So now, that pencil is special to me. A reminder of how powerful and effective the breath can be. That some days it ok to Just Breathe.

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