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Step 2: Teaching Yoga in Schools

The curriculum that Cheryl wrote has really impacted me personally and professionally.  I look forward to growing with students and the curriculum.   I have attended a lot of professional trainings and this has been by far the BEST and the only PL that has truly transformed my teaching for the better.    I learned a lot from everyone and myself this past weekend and I look forward to the journey that is ahead.

Carrie Beauchamp, PE teacher Winnona Elementary

Explore the amazing impact that yoga and mindfulness can bring to our K-12 school children. Working within a live school environment, you will learn how to use the United States of You curriculum to guide students towards exploring and understanding their various states. By employing mindful yoga lesson plans, you will learn how to enable students to gain awareness and freedom- physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. This training provides 22 contact hours towards becoming a Yoga Alliance certified Children’s Yoga Instructor.

This 22-hour training includes the following:

  1. Explore your own inner states so you teach with authentic presence
  2. Understand how to bring yoga into a school and it’s impact on students, teachers, administration and the community
  3. How to adapt a curriculum to specific needs of the class while adhering to state mandated standards for instruction
  4. Child development as applied to the practice of yoga (physical, mental, emotional, social)
  5. Gain proficiency in yoga assessments: emotional, physical, mindful and social, both pre- and post- class
  6. How to teach a curriculum-based class in a physical education/health department as well as in a classroom with desks
  7. The specifics of class structure, scope and sequence
  8. Teaching mindfulness, meditation and mudras
  9. Guiding principles for conduct management based on school parameters and students needs
  10. An overview of Entrainment and Sound Therapy that may compliment and enhance your work with children
  11. Integrate best teaching practices

Materials Provided:

  • United States of You Manual
  • United States of Me Student Workbook
  • First hand information from principals, classroom and PE teachers
  • Grounded In Color Curriculum


Tuition: $499 (or $449 with early-bird discount)  In 2018 tuition will be $499 early bird/$549 standard

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