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Power Pack Feedback

Heather Koz   says…

Grounded Yoga Laughter Elevation is a groundbreaking training on the forefront of Kids Yoga, from 3 to 18 years old. It creates a strong foundation for a lifetime love of yoga and interconnectivity of ALL beings. It has already begun a powerful transformation in the schools where I teach and in my own family. This has been the MOST impactful yoga training of my career and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering teaching kids (of all ages), family and prenatal yoga.


Dawn Blackwell says…

I think the intensive was very informative, very well planned, and very fun. The information was presented in a non-threatening format that was relatable and easy to understand. Sedef was an awesome teacher guiding us to work with younger children and special needs students. Amy was phenomenal teaching concepts that were sometimes difficult to understand. Her style of providing examples and allowing us to develop our own examples allowed us to own our own learning and make it a part of our own lives. Cheryl did an awesome job teaching us the poses along with alternative poses. Her style of teaching allowed us to learn in a very relaxed, non-threatening environment.


Kelley Sue Hardin says

Co-Founders, Cheryl Crawford and Amy Haysman are incredibly inspiring and caring individuals who offer their whole heart into the Grounded Yoga Laughter Elevation program. I have been a part of the Grounded community since November 2010, shortly after the program took flight. I have watched it flourish from a bulb into a garden of beautiful bountiful flowers. I LOVE the Grounded Yoga module trainings they offer and truly believe they prepare and ground teachers along the way. They offer the Elevator Pass, an online resource for teachers that is jam packed with helpful resources and much more. The Grounded community as a whole is like a family. Grounded teachers are always there to offer help through Grounded’s online Facebook Group page. I am extremely grateful for Amy and Cheryl as well as the entire Grounded Yoga community. Grounded is the BEST yoga training for kids out there! Sat Nam .


 Felicia Ruth says

The Grounded Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program gave me all of the tools to work with diverse populations of kids and teens. The instruction was clear, generous and enthusiastic. The curriculum is intelligent and beyond my expectations. It is a real career builder and there is a great need for teachers who have trained with Grounded.

 Susan McVicar says…

Grounded Kids Yoga is one of the best teacher trainings that I’ve completed. Children learn to connect their mind, heart, and body through yoga asanas, breath, chants, mudras, games, and art. The program goes into so much depth but on a fundamental level that children can connect and understand. I hope their passion for bringing this program into schools and communities continues to spread. I’m very excited to be a part of this movement. On a final note, I feel by completing this program I also improved my teaching skills for working with adults.




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