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Principal’s Office

principal_doorWant to be a risk taker?

Feel more alive?

Go one foot past scary?

and deep into the dive?

We have a suggestion;

a type of advice.

Report to the principal’s office

not once….but twice!

Once as invited,

the other time sent.

Once in your school years,

with our consent.

It may seem unusual

coming from us.

Report to the office


Not for being hurtful,

or involving smoke alarms.

cheryl_principal_daughtersbut for playing your edge

and using your charm!

What will it, what will it, what will it be?

Passing notes?

or climbing a tree?

Barefoot in science?

Eating a cake during math?

Dress like a gorilla?

Take a mud bath?

Stand strong in your legs,

Stay balanced and true.

Open your heart.

Hear their point of view.

For principals have principles.

They are wise and they care,cheryl_Principal_office

committed and patient

and up for the dare,

Do this now, do this now,

do this now, you see..

When you reach adulthood

you’ll see the forest through the trees.

You won’t be so stuck,

so contracted or narrow.

You’ll understand boundaries,

from your head to your marrow.

Practice this pose

to help with the fright.

Start in down dog.

for the utmost delight

Balance on right hand

and edge of right foot,

Stack left leg on top

squeeze together, stay put!

Bend top leg at the knee;

foot goes behind.

Reach back and clasp,

Stay aligned!

Scoop tailbone to hold,

open heart to the ceiling.

Send throughout the school

thoughts of love and healing.

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  • Cheryl! blessings to you, lady elevate-y!

    i love this pose, this poem, this post. thank you for sharing; it’s loving, the most. i love the idea of being daring and bright, not being afraid if your heart will take flight. i’ll encourage the teens that i teach through the week to take courage, be bold, transform the meek. be kind, be thoughtful, respectful and sweet; spacious of heartspace, grounded of feet. dig deep, think big, how can we shine out? our hearts want to do it, without a doubt. by our action the truth of our heart we will show, let’s do it together: one, two three go!

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