Grounded in Color Quest Kit Bundle


Quest Kit: Red

Quest Kit: Orange

Quest Kit: Yellow

Quest Kit: Green

Quest Kit: Blue

Quest Kit: Indigo

Quest Kit: Purple


Your Quest if You Choose to Accept it..

Get all seven kits shipped in one big bundle ….$20 savings.

Here’s what you get:

  • Seven Sets of 12 pose cards each, that double as post cards!  Each pose illustrated with detailed instructions.  Learn them, color them, then send them to friends and family.

  • All Seven distinctly designed Grounded Pose Posters to hang in your favorite posing spots.

  • All Seven Grounded in Elevation posters to hang next to your favorite Pose Poster.

  • Seven sets of Pose Stickers of all Grounded shapes!

  • Password key for access to instructional videos and connections to other Questers.  Become e-Grounded!

  • All Seven Grounded in Color bandanas to wear or display after demonstrating your Questery of all 12 poses.*

* demonstrate your Questery by submitting a video of you demonstrating all 12 poses in optimal alignment while saying the pose names. Besides the bandana it moves you one step closer to becoming a Diplomat of Peace. 


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