Did You Just Say What I thought You Said Pose Card & Reference Guide Bundle


Stay Where I Can See You Pose Cards

The pose cards feature 84 poses that are designed to ground and elevate you at the same time.  On the front of each card is a picture of what the pose will look like (wonderously illustrated by our resident artist and Grounded Kid....Dylan Laakmann).

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What DO You Say Grounded Poses Reference Guide

A reference manual of all 84 Grounded poses.  This 86 page 8.5'x 11"wirebound manual complements our Grounded Pose Cards and features pose illustrations along with teaching tips:

  • Ground Work (instructions)
  • Ground Breaking (enhancements)
  • Ground Level (modifications)
  • Ground Effect (benefits)
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A perfect starter kit for anyone looking to Get Grounded.  This bundle features a full set of Grounded Pose Cards, 84 poses in total, along with the Grounded Pose Index Reference which provides detailed pose instructions and teaching tips.

The bundle offers a 17.5% discount against individually purchased items. Get it now. Because I Said So.

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