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Are you ready to be inspired? Do you need a spark to reignite your passion for teaching yoga?

This creative curriculum and recorded webinar series is an interactive teaching companion to our signature Yoga By Numbers curriculum.  It is designed for the children’s yoga teacher ready to develop their skills and deliver exciting, effective lessons within the supportive structure of an 11 week (semester) framework.

Perfect for any age group and setting, this curriculum outlines vital elements of lesson planning and includes successful examples of pose sequences, alignment and action and sprinklings of inspiration for how each number 1-11 relates to yoga. Lots and lots of wisdom from the Grounded Kids who helped create this guide. Connect to explore the lessons and create our own meaningful ones through self-discovery, experiential exercises, reflections about teaching and group discussion.

This includes (but is not limited to) you learning how:

  • To reach students in a way that is authentic, fun, strong and connected.
  • To become more interesting and concise. Numbers appeals both to the eye and to the ear.
  • To deepen your sense of inner and outer literacy.
  • To master tools for guiding students into their own experience.
  • To prompt students to practice yoga from the inside out and the outside in.
  • To create themes by numbers that inspire the students’ personal experiences.
  • To teach alignment and action in a fun, creative format.
  • How Yoga By Number works inside you and in your classes.
  • To create a well rounded yoga lesson plan that is engaging and meaningful to youth.

What You Get:

  • Access to the recorded  60-minute interactive on-line webinars to introduce the concepts of the Yoga by Numbers material.
  • Downloadable Yoga By Numbers curriculum/working manual (PDF)
  • A private Facebook Community page where participants can share their experiences and receive mentoring from Cheryl  and engage in community feedback.


  • Video Recording of 1st Webinar Session held Aug. 16th.
  • Video Recording of 2nd Webinar Session held Sep. 13th
  • Video Recording of 3rd Webinar Session held Oct 11th
  • Facebook Group Connection