You Can Thank Me Later Post Cards


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Some send post cards of their outer experience.

We send post cards of our inner experience.

Get Grounded in Color.

Each color holds its own unique power that supplies us with vital resources for our physical, mental, emotional and social well being.

Each pose is illustrated with detailed instructions. 12 poses per color.  Allow yourself to own all of your power and use it wisely.

Learn them, color them, then send them to friends and family. Cause, you know, with great power comes great responsibility.

These were inspired by John Sumrall who called and asked if our pose cards were post cards. So we created them with help from our Grounded Kids.

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Post Card Types

Grounded in Red, Grounded in Orange, Grounded in Yellow, Grounded in Green, Grounded in Blue, Grounded in Indigo, Grounded in Purple