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Rainbow Poses


Kids give us a new perspective, and a broader one as well.  It’s OK to sometimes have a winner in a yoga game. It’s fun to use intuition and try to stump each other. Here is a pose chip game created by two second grade grounded kids.






Chakra_GirlIt all began one morning while following Grounded Yoga’s Facebook page. Co-Founder, Amy Haysman posted a super cool picture of Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheros” that peeked my interest. On the cover of Chopra’s book is a new super hero with the world in her hands and with text that reads, “Harnessing Our Power to Change the World”. I had to go further and research more about the book and the author. In his book, Chopra teaches us that by exploring the boundaries of energy and awareness, allowing us to better understand ourselves and our potential, we are capable of changing the world. Yes! Of course!! This made total sense to me. So, I decided to take on the challenge of saving the world by tapping into my own Chakras. I found that I was becoming more grounded, more creative, more present, and more aware of my surroundings than ever before. My soul just opened up! This was only the beginning of my Chakra Adventure! I had to take what I was learning into my classes. I taught a six week Chakra System series to children ages 4-11 Super Hero style! It was Chakrariffic!!

Kids LOVE tapping into their super powers!! Discovering the different levels of activity each Chakra has and igniting them through yoga is life changing! When we gain more balance and become more energized our super powers become stronger helping our senses work more clearly. Just as Hulk, spidermanSpider-Man , Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and Supergirl all have super powers…We do too!!! When we ignite these super powers life becomes more blissful!!  Just ask Chakra-man.

The Red Chakra forms our foundation! “KA-BOOM!” It is related to our survival instincts and the ability to live in the present moment. Breathing in LIFE!! When tapping into this Chakra we feel more secure and rooted! The Orange Chakra connects us to others through our feelings, desires, and movement. “OM-POW!” It is related to creativity and the ability to express ourselves clearly. The Yellow Chakra is known as the “Power Chakra”! “ZAAAP!” It rules our power, independence, and energy level. The Green Chakra is related to our ability to feel centered and peaceful. “Zing!” The Blue Chakra bridges the body and mind and is related to talking and self-expression. “OM-BAAM!” The Indigo Chakra is about insight and visualization. “THWAP! And, the Violet Chakra is about wisdom and awareness. It’s related to our spirituality! “NAMASTE!”

I taught the Chakra System during a 6 week series. We learned about a new Chakra each class and created our very own Chakra Super Heros by the end of the series. Our heart centered word throughout the lesson was “bliss”. Anusara Yoga founder, John Friend was asked in Yoga Journal Magazine’s September 2010 issue if he was happy. He answered, “Yeah, I’m blissed out! I’m dancing better with the Divine all the time.” I want to be blissed out!! I think we all do!! When we tap into our super powers we reach blissfulness. “Chakraaariffic!”

Be on the lookout!! In January of 2012, Grounded Yoga’s NEW Lesson Plan Series on the Chakra System will be available for purchase. To go deeper, these oh so awesome energy centers will also be available on Grounded’s website in worksheet format for students to color.


HPotter Books


The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling has many meanings. I have found the meaning to be Love Conquers All But as you look more closely at the inner-workings of her books you figure out that each book represents a different Chakra. Chakras are energy centers located along the midline of the body.






The first chakra represents stable family roots basically our foundation. In the first book, Harry doesn’t have a family and feels unwelcome. His chakra is under active. He was forced to live with his magic hating relatives- 1st_Chakra_smallThe Dursleys. They have a son Dudley who has an over active chakra. He is very greedy and bullies Harry. When Harry found out he was a wizard and got accepted into Hogwarts, he went there on instinct, not knowing what to expect. He heard Professor McGonagall say, “While you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts”, and knew he had found his home and balanced his first chakra.

The second chakra represents identity- the idea of knowing who you are and expressing that. When the second book begins, Harry is still struggling with the idea that the Sorting Hat thought he would be great in Slytherin, but put him in Gryffindor because he asked him to. He is very withdrawn and hopes to 2nd-Chakra_smallfigure this out when he gets to Hogwarts. But, the Chamber of Secrets has been opened by the heir a Slytherin (or so they say) and a monster is petrifying Muggle borns. When Harry discovers that he shares characteristics with Slytherin himself like talking to snakes he is even more confused. Finally while rescuing Ginny from The Chamber of Secrets and defeating the monster the sword of Gryffindor come to him through the Sorting hat. He then figures out he is a true Gryffindor. Dumbledore tells that the Sorting Hat placed him in Gryffindor because it’s not your abilities that make you who you are; it’s your choices. Harry then balances his second chakra.

The third chakra is the power chakra. When Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts in the third book, he faces his biggest challenge yet, Dementors. Dementors are the guards of Azkaban- the wizard prison- and there’s a 3rd-Chakra_smallreason that no one ever escapes from Azkaban. Dementors are soul-sucking monsters. They make you feel like you can never be happy again. They basically take away your third chakra. The only way to defeat them is to cast the Patronus Charm. Harry’s teacher Professor Lupin trys to teach Harry that charm, but it is extremely difficult because you have to feel happy and in control. You have to balance your third chakra and not feel indecisive and timid. It is especially difficult for Harry because the dementor brings back memories of the night his parents died. Harry finally masters the spell when Dementors attack his godfather, Sirius Black. And therefore balances his third chakra.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is related to our ability to be centered and peaceful. Harry starts his fourth year by being entered in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a competitive sometimes-deadly game between 4th-Chakra_smallthree schools. Someone at this school entered him illegally. The only thing that keeps him in the competition is the love for his friends and school. At first he is distant towards the people who try to help him in the tournament but then he learns he has to open up to those around him in order to compete well. When Harry and a fellow contestant Cedric Diggory get sent to a graveyard to be killed, Harry shows compassion toward Cedric when he dies it helps him escape the graveyard alive. He then proceeds to win the tournament and balance his fourth chakra.

The fifth chakra is related to talking and self-expression. It allows us to communicate. When the fifth book 5th-Chakra_smallstarts Harry is afraid Lord Voldemort possesses him. He is afraid that everyone around him will get hurt and is silent even towards his friends. He even trys to run away. Eventually thanks to his friends and some jokes and laughter from Fred and George Weasley he was able to communicate effectively and talk about it. He has balanced his fifth chakra.


The third eye represents the sixth chakra, its all about the mind and visualization. In the 6th-Chakra_smallfifth book, Voldemort was able to go inside Harry’s mind and send him untrue pictures. When the sixth book starts, Harry is unable to close his mind to Voldemort, so Dumbledore gives him lessons to help him balance his sixth chakra or master his mind. The lessons help and Harry completely balances his sixth chakra and masters his mind.


When you think of the seventh chakra, you think of spiritually and a higher self. When I first read the seventh book I didn’t really understand it. I thought that Harry just came back to 7th-Chakra_smalllife because Dumbledore let him. But as years passed and I kept reading the book over and over I finally understood. It really represents the 7th chakra. Its all about higher beings and life or death. It also ties together the true meaning of the book which is love conquers all. It even conquers death sometimes. That is a great lesson to learn.


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