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Grounded, Grounded, GO! is a game designed to use with any age and all levels. Use the Grounded Pose Chips and a round mat. It is a detective duck duck goose game played with a purpose.

Set Up: Place Grounded Pose Chips face down in a circle with a large yoga mat in the middle. Use poses that the students are familiar with. Everyone sits in a circle behind the chips. The students must sit Grounded Style in order to be touched and potentially get picked. This encourages students to stay grounded and focused at all times.

How to Play: One student picks a pose chip without anyone seeing it. He then goes around the circle touching the top of each person’s head with the entire palm and fingers saying “Grounded” until he picks one person and calls out the name of the pose. Then he runs around the circle as the picked person tries to catch him. If he makes it back to his seat without getting caught then the one picked does the pose in the middle alone. If he gets caught then they both do the pose in the middle together and turn it into a partner pose in some creative way. The other students act as detectives, observing the student(s) in the pose, and take turns saying what is good about the pose. The detectives may then point out what could be done to make the pose feel better. The one picked now becomes the one to choose a pose and go.

Variations: There are many ways to change up this game according to the age and experience of the students or the amount of students and the location.

  • For a really large group like a yoga club, leave the pose chips stacked in the center of the circle.
  • If the students are beginners, teach a selection of poses during the beginning of class and then use       those poses in the game. Each class you can add poses to play the game.
  • For each round, choose only one or two detectives until every student has a turn being the detective.

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