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Grounding Them All!

If I would have know at 13 years old when I was first introduced to yoga that I would be doing what I do now, teaching yoga, I might have taken my practice a little more seriously! The fact that I was interested at that young age back in the 80’s at a time that yoga wasn’t the mainstream that it has become was pretty amazing. I have my mother to thank for that inspiration and for the times that we practiced together on our family room floor!

Now 23 years later I have the amazing opportunity to share this beautiful, enlightening, moving, and empowering practice with children and their families! Beginning in September I will be incorporating the Grounded yoga program into the Teasley Elementary after school program in the Smyrna/Vinings area of Atlanta; I can’t contain my excitement since I have been actively teaching to adults and pregnant women in this community for almost 2 years now. My goal and vision of bringing yoga to families in our community is finally coming to fruition and in such a beautiful natural way.

TW76_bigThe beautiful part of this adventure is that it has blossomed into something even greater than expected! Partners in Education is a program between Teasley and local business to help support children of the school and their education through donations and community events. The Body Bar fitness studio in Smyrna located 1 ½ miles from Teasley where I teach several yoga classes at, has become a Partner in Education with Teasley! The first part of our adventure, we hosted a Grounded Families workshop to introduce the program to some of the families. It was a great success.

The theme of our workshop: “We are One” following the same titled book by Jennifer Black. The focus was working individually and as partners and to bring the family members together yet to help feel their individuality! We incorporated several individual and partner poses which was fun to observe. My personal favorite poses that we did were I See It From Your Side; I See It From My Side and then Double Dog Dare! Watching the reactions on the children and parents faces and how they worked together in a nontraditional way that they are used to within their home, was so uplifting. Our final pose was Garden Club which brought nothing but smiles and laughter from everyone involved. We ended with each parent/child pair sitting facing each other hands in prayer and expressing gratitude and something that they admire in each other before lying in Savasana!

I am grateful for this experience and opportunity as I begin my journey in the school to help ground our children and for the parents to attend our studio classes. We will continue to offer an occasional Grounded Families class to bring them all together. We are Grounding them all through community!


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