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IMG 4008

Sun vs. Moon….YOU Decide!

IMG 4008

Election! Election!
Left Versus Right
Moon Versus Sun
Both shining bright!

What serves, what honors
the United States of YOU?
Tune into your breath~
Tune into your view~

Do you need more strength?
more power? more fire?
Then, Sun is your canidate
you most admire~

IMG 4009

Or more sweetness?
More flow? More balance
and wisdom?
Moon is the vote to
cast for your system~

Sun represents your right,
and Moon, your left~
Both equally qualified
to heal and heft~

Each one has a Salutation~
a platform of poses
Practice each one
No need for opposes!

Decide on your term;
May be minutes or years!
and what gets to vote!
Chakras or Ears?

IMG 4011

Who has a voice
in the United States of YOU?
Muscles or bones~
Organs or goo?

And where is the
capital of your nation?
Your Heart? Your head?
Third Chakra vibration?

Choose what qualities
serve your union as a whole~
What is right for your body,
your mind and your soul?

Fernbank Yoga Club voted today. 43 unions saluted the Moon. 27 unions saluted the sun. The rest are undecided. 

“It was interesting to watch the grounded students take their time in each posture of the sun and moon salutations. This fact-finding process took longer for some than others, and a few students needed to revisit certain postures to see what their body thought. The votes were taken, first internally, and then announced to the group. I look forward to hearing how the first days of each parties term goes. Term lengths varied from one week to one year. The excitement was palpable as the students began to brainstorm their new nations flags and colors.”

Mary Quinn Templeton, Elevated Grounded Teacher


Atlanta Yoga Movement


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