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No Mud…No Lotus


(inspiration from Thich Nhat Hanh)

‘No mud, no lotus’,
What does this imply?
That without suffering
There can be no blue sky.

Without the grit
There is no pearl.
We must wake from the dullness
Let’s give it a whirl.

Acknowledge your suffering
Without tendency to dwell
From that acceptance
Work like Alexander Graham Bell.

Invent communication
With joy and with wonder,
From the mired suffering
That is present down under.

Thich Nhat Hanh said
“There is the mud,
And there is the lotus
That grows out of the mud.

We need the mud
In order to make the lotus.”
We need to be mindful
Our breath needs to be noticed.

Out of this awareness,
Compassion may arise
We can perform social action
Without travel or supplies.

Practice Lotus Breath
To remind yourself to bloom~
Even in the midst of muddy thoughts
Where it feels like doom and gloom.

ZI66 big

Press pinky side edges together,
And thumb side edges as well.
Expand the rest of your hands away from each other
To resemble the lotus that swells.

Inhale, raise up your lotus flower
As you squeeze your elbows straight.
Exhale, release your hands out to the sides
Then back into lotus at heart space.

Use your entire inhalation
To stretch your arms up straight.
Use your full exhalation
To circumnavigate.

Use the sound of your breath
To remind you of your focus.
Your mindfulness is work~
That is no hocus pocus.

Lotus seeds sprout
In the dark murky pools
Lotus stems grow upwards
Towards the sky’s biggest jewel.

May this Mantra
‘No Mud No Lotus’ do wonders
To practice our blooming
From our blips and our blunders.


Atlanta Yoga Movement


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