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Monkey Mind

The Royal Mind

Monkey Mind

Hmmm, Our Monkey Mind
Our Mind Monkey~
Is restless, and random,
Rebellious, and junky?

Silly, and scattered
Like a toddler in its movement~
Won’t settle down,
And needs vast improvement?

The mind is a problem,
That we need to control.
It’s random, and restless
And a bit of a troll?

That’s nonsense, we say!
And quite derogatory!
The nature of the mind
Is going for glory!

The mind is evolutionary,
progressive, dynamic.
Always seeking and moving
toward that which is magic.


So, think NOT monkey mind
More like, mind is royalty~
A King to Serve
With Love and Loyalty.

But, how can we Serve,
The Great Intelligence of our minds?
By meditation and mantras
And movement refined.

IMG 7136

By exceptional quality
Of the company we keep,
What we see, what we hear,
How well we do sleep.

By lavish feasts of sutras,
Of songs, and of silence,
Of settling, and stillness
And speech for your Highness.

Much of your activity
Will settle in bliss~
Yet portions of Royal Mind
Will continue to hiss.

And that, my dear friend~
Is the Great Intelligence~
It wants more and more
Of higher elegance.

The Discipline of yoga,
Now, you see,
Is in permitting and inviting
This process~ to BE.


~inspired by my meditation teacher Paul Muller-Ortega~

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