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After School Yoga Clubs

If you want to:

Understand how to ground when you feel unsettled.
Energize when feeling sluggish.
Focus when you are distracted.
Take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively to others who push your buttons.
Own your power and use it wisely

Then join our yoga club and elevate yourself and others in your home community.


Registrations for the upcoming school year are being posted now.   If you are interested in starting an after school yoga club at your school or have additional questions please call us at 678-974-5198 or email at

Aug 18 - Dec 8
Mary Lin Yoga Club-Fall 2017Mary Lin Elementary School
Aug 22 - Dec 19
Dolvin Elementary Yoga Club-Fall 2017Dolvin Elementary School
Sep 5 - Dec 13
Fernbank Yoga Club: Fall 2017Fernbank Elementary School
Sep 7 - Dec 14
Johns Creek UMC Pre-School Yoga Club- Fall 2017Johns Creek United Methodist Church
Sep 11 - Dec 11
Abbott's Hill Yoga Club- Fall 2017Abbott’s Hill Elementary School
Sep 12 - Dec 19
Shakerag Yoga Club-Fall 2017Shakerag Elementary School
Sep 13 - Dec 13
Oak Grove Yoga Club-Fall 2017Oak Grove Elementary School


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