School Yoga Clubs

Grounded after school yoga clubs provide a healthy, fun-filled way for kids to unwind after a long school day.  Ideal for students looking for a non-competitive fitness activity that provides a stronger more flexible body, greater focus and concentration, and relaxation of body and mind.


Registrations for the upcoming school year are typically posted 2-4 weeks before classes start.  If you are interested in starting an after school yoga club at your school or have additional questions please call us at 678-974-5198 or email at

Aug 18 - Dec 8
Mary Lin Yoga Club-Fall 2017Mary Lin Elementary School
Aug 29 - Dec 12
Lake Windward Elementary Yoga Club Fall 2017Lake Windward Elementary School
Sep 12 - Dec 19
Shakerag Yoga Club-Fall 2017Shakerag Elementary School
Sep 13 - Dec 13
Oak Grove Yoga Club-Fall 2017Oak Grove Elementary School


How To Reach Us


Phone: 678-974-5198