Yoga For Elementary Schools

Elementary School students are impressionable, energetic, and often very easily distracted.  They need a balance of structure and freedom in order to do their personal best.  By introducing techniques based on yoga, laughter, and elevation, our Grounded program can be tailored specifically for students, specifically for teachers, or a combination of both.


Elementary level students need to move, they need to learn,  Classes for kids will be playful and calm. Building strength, balance, and concentration, classes will utilize expressive yoga techniques to help foster an environment of cooperation and inner well being.

Teacher programs based on Grounded principles can provide educators the tools necessary to not only  “ground” themselves but to also provide simple techniques for exacting the optimum classroom environment for focused learning, stress reduction, and student mindfulness.

As shown in the video below, Physical Education programs can be augmented positively by implementing Grounded yoga techniques for building body awareness, increasing flexibility, and fostering self-esteem.

After initial introduction of yoga into the classroom through our Grounded program, students yearning for more has led to the creation of after-school “Yoga Clubs”.  Here students can dive deeper through our Quest For Elevation program, where students elementary_school_1have the opportunity to earn pennants through specific achievements tied to seven levels that correspond with the Chakra system.

As with any Grounded program, the expectations are high, we encourage hard work, laugh whole heartedly, and build self-esteem and confidence in a safe, non-competitive space.  Because when we are Grounded, we have the stability and strength that it takes to handle any situation with grace, a positive attitude, and flexibility.


Older Elementary Schoolers from Countryside Montessori School in Charlotte, NC show what they’ve learned in their twice weekly yoga class which is integrated into the school’s curriculum.










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